Is your business operation subject to regulation by state, local, and/or the federal government? Whether we like it or not, the government will keep regulating. Most of the time, regulatory changes happen slowly but they can also catch you by surprise. It is very important that your business engage in the process to help regulators understand what you do so they craft reasonable policies. Moreover, sometimes regulators interpret existing regulations in new ways that can have major impacts on your operations. If you are a respondent to regulatory action or seeking to influence regulatory policy in a more long term way, we can help. 

We can help you with:

  • Regulatory Representation

  • Legislative Representation

  • Policy Research & Development


Do you perform services for government entities? If so, or if you would like to do so, we can help. Government contractors face complex procurement laws and procedures they must overcome before they can even begin to demonstrate their worth and value. The fact is, the government workforce has been shrinking since Reagan was President. Government entities shop out much of the work they formerly performed in house - let us help you be successful in providing services for the public on behalf of a government entity. 

Let us assist you in:

  • Procurement Consulting

  • Project Management and Product Review

  • Business Development for Your Industry


State agencies play a crucial role in delivering vital state and federal programs that benefit the public. State agencies are institutions of knowledge and history that strive to fulfill their missions and make Louisiana a better place to live. In rapidly changing times, agencies can struggle to be nimble due to their structure and the various state laws that ensure diligence. Nonetheless, agencies are constantly confronted with new requirements and initiatives to meet the changing needs of our time. It is not uncommon for a state agency to find itself in need of a special project manager who can take on a new effort. Let us be a supplement or a substitute so that you can exceed expectations.

We can help you with:

  • Policy Research, Analysis, and Implementation

  • Communications

  • Strategic and Operational Planning


Local governments are facing many challenges and are being forced to evolve as economic changes impact revenue streams that provide crucial services. Local officials and administrators are being thrust into the role of transformational leaders, while public expectations demand no interruption in public services. Whether your needs are related to operations, capital projects, or both, we can help.

Our specialties:

  • Planning Services

  • Regulatory Affairs

  • Industry Relations Services

  • State and Federal Government Relations​

  • Communications Consulting


Licensing Boards serve an important role in protecting the public and maintaining integrity and standards within the industry. Nonetheless, boards can find themselves under scrutiny from the regulated community and legislature, among others. From time to time, many licensing boards lack the financial resources to fulfill the charge from the legislature. When trying to do more with less, it is necessary to be creative and sometimes change the way you conduct business. If you are an executive director or board chairman looking to enhance the scope and quality of your work, we can help. 

Let us assist you with:

  • Planning Services

  • Industry Relations and Communications

  • State Government Relations


Lobbying is an art form rooted in relationships. With term limits, all lobbyists are now constantly investing more time and resources in cultivating relationships so they can be successful for their clients. In this new dynamic, lobbying firms may find themselves short on time to dive deep into the policy intricacies of issues facing their clients. We are experts in analyzing public policy issues and developing creative solutions. You may not have the time to do the research, develop policy proposals, draft bills and amendments, write-up talking points, and so on. Let us take on these tasks when you need it so that you can focus on what matters most in your field: relationships. 

We're experts in:

  • Policy Research, Analysis, and Development

  • Regulatory Affairs

  • Proficient Testimony


Whether you are a chamber of commerce, trade association, political action committee, charity, or anything in between, the nature of your business is to be pulled in many directions. Your members are your backbone, and keeping them engaged and satisfied with results is the key to your future. Your supporters are with you because they believe in your mission and vision. We are in changing times, and your ability to adapt and continue to provide value is more important than ever. You may find yourself in a position of having the staff in place to deliver your standard services, but you are limited in the ability to fully research, develop and execute a new project or plan for your organization’s future. This is where Premier can help. 

Our knowledge covers:

  • Policy Research, Analysis, and Development

  • Strategic Short & Long Term Planning


Elections have certainly changed in the last decade. Enhancements in technology provide voters with more access to information and misinformation about candidates than ever before. 


Name ID does not carry the weight that it once did and this creates new opportunities for those with political aspirations to create new narratives about what is important. Whether you are looking to run for a higher office or run for the first time, we can help set you apart from the crowd. We aren’t a political communications firm, but we are adept in state, local, and federal policy. We can utilize our expertise in public policy to help develop your values-based platform for your campaign. 


Let us give you the tools to articulate your vision in a more knowledgeable and convincing way than your opponents. 


Find yourself lost in the weeds of a complex issue for a client? Let us help you break things down so you can produce the best possible message.  


Consultation & Content:

Are you managing a public relations campaign for a client and struggling to develop the content you need to make the desired impression? Many firms are very skilled in writing, graphics and overall strategy, but they may not have the policy expertise when it comes to complex issues. 

If you are working for a client and want to make sure the content is accurate, relatable, and impactful, let us help. From single-issue consulting services to long-term partnerships, we can help your firm distinguish itself with relatable, substantive content that your creatives can run with.